About Linda Wallace

Linda has found yoga practice to be a friend she could rely on since, while growing up in Sydney, at age 16 she discovered her first book by BKS Iyengar. Later in life, after moving to Amsterdam she was fortunate to have the opportunity to study be a teacher with Clé Souren, Charles Hond and Annemieke Post. Linda then continued learning, obtaining the Intermediate Junior 1 certification. She is now in the process of training (from 2013 till 2015) with Senior teacher Stephanie Quirk in yoga therapeutics.

Linda Wallace

That ‘yoga stills the fluctuations of consciousness’ is something Linda knows to be true. Yoga in all its aspects helps people maintain balance in their lives, especially these days — when there is so much pressure to be ‘out there’. Yoga practice helps us to feel better about ourselves and to be more self-contained.

In particular Linda considers the Niyama of santosha, or contentment to have been really helpful in her life. The Niyamas are the second of the eight limbs of yoga and are to do with how we treat ourselves, or self-regulation. Santosha is difficult to maintain in a world of ever-increasing material consumption and financial pressures, but a regular practice helps one to keep this awareness. We need to be kind to ourselves! Yoga practice is all-encompassing – it is not just on the mat.

Linda also loves writing and making art. She has a PhD in fine art and has worked as a journalist, editor, curator and artist. She is a mother and partner with a busy homelife.

Teaching style and emphasis

With the new restorative class Linda hopes to bring a sense of calm and gladness to the students. This class starts slowly with a gentle yoga series to awaken and energise the body. Then in the second half of the class we move into a deeper restorative yoga practice in which attention is focused more on the breath, allowing the body and mind to deeply rest. Just as children need sleep in order to grow, we need deep rest in order to renew!
With the internal focus on the breath combined with the release in the body our minds begin to quieten, which is what yoga is all about.
According to Sage Patanjali: “Yoga is the cessation of the turnings of thought”.