Ever since I was a little girl I loved to move. I was a very physically active child. Dancing, doing acrobatics or climbing trees, basically anything that was challenging for my mind as well as my body in a relaxed and playful way. As I got older the focus shifted more to my mind, leaving my body behind. Feeling out of balance, I started taking Pilates lessons in 2009. I was amazed at how fast I felt strong, lean and physically confident again. My brain remembered how it felt to move with ease. Pilates helped me restore and keep that mind & body connection and feel balanced again. I decided that I wanted to use my background in communication to share this experience by helping others to reconnect with their body and feel strong inside and out.

Pilates with Natalie at LiveYoga Amsterdam
In 2013 I started with a Mat 1 certification for Ground Control Pilates® at Debbie Jenners Pilates Company In search for a deeper anatomical understanding, I started the STOTT Pilates® education in The Hague This is where classic Pilates meets today’s knowledge about the human body.


As an instructor I aim to combine clear instructions with sharing my growing knowledge of the human body. With my enthusiasm and a bit of humor I hope to inspire my clients to discover themselves how empowering mind & body awareness can be and help them feel stronger and happier.