About Tati

Tati is our beautiful kids yoga teacher. She is a yoga practitioner herself and a true natural kids magnet who is passionate about sharing with children what she believes in the most: love, happiness and yoga. She enjoys working with kids and helping them develop healthy bodies and free minds.

Tati is a certified Rainbow kids yoga teacher and the first to offer the Rainbow kids yoga program in Amsterdam. She has a degree in Child Psychology and more than 10 years of experience working with kids in the ages of 4-12. She studied children yoga with the inspirational Cayetana Rodenas from Rainbow Kids Yoga and was left bursting with drive, confidence, enthusiasm, ideas and knowledge.

Rainbow Kids Yoga is all about instilling fun, loving and creative yoga skills to children of all ages. Tati believe that Kids yoga is a fun, energetic and playful yoga practice! In her classes children discover and explore yoga through imaginative breathing exercises, games, activities, yoga poses, relaxation, visualization, and creative arts. Yoga is a discipline that can lead kids on the path toward a calm and balanced mind, as well as help them build a strong and flexible body – tools they can use in their everyday lives.

When Tati teaches she often reads a book to the children and incorporate yoga poses that go along with the book and its message. Whenever she reads a story, she engages the children and invite them to use their imagination. Since yoga is a non-competitive activity, it also teaches children to work cooperatively and with others.

Yoga provides children with the essential tools that they need to make healthy choices early that will transform their lives.