TIP OF THE WEEK: Kirtan & Meditation with Nigam & Martinez (THIS WEEKEND!)

Date: Nov 10, 16:00-18:30 / Cost: 15,- / Location: liveYoga Amsterdam

A still yet moving 2 hour meditation Workshop led by ANAND NIGAM with live music played by MARTINEZ LA MAREA, world renowned classical Indian Musician [Classical Indian Sarod] followed by a Yahoo Celebrating Kirtan.

Nigam and Martinex at liveYoga AmsterdamDuring this special afternoon we will be looking at ways in which we can become more watchful, instead of judgemental, moving from meditation on the cushion to awareness in our home life, washing the dishes, shopping at Albert Heijn etc.

Real transformation then is a great possibility. The illusory ideas and concepts we have about ourselves and life over time will fade, and the real will be uncovered, over time we will be released more and more from our ideas we have of Life and ourselves …. as our AWAKENING continues…

Music and chanting in the yoga tradition have always been the ‘highway path’ to the heart (Bhakti Yoga) as they compliment the physical and mental practice of yoga so well.

The Schedule

16:00-16:30: Welcome & cuppa tea
16:30-18:30: Kirtan, meditation and Heart songs.

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