About Jennifer Karius

Jennifer is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher and our newest addition to the team. She brings with her 23 years of yoga experience having studied with many teachers worldwide. Following her career as a classical ballet dancer for 16 years, she studied comparative religions, and Indian language and culture and these days holds talks on yoga philosophy. She has been to Pune for several extended visits to the Iyengar family, and maintains ongoing mentoring relations with senior teachers.

Teaching style and emphasis

Jennifer’s classes are practical, detailed, and rich in technical insights. In her teaching she emphasizes the link between Yoga’s physical practices, philosophy, and how yoga intersects with daily life.


Jennifer’s Yoga training and teaching paralleled her 16-year career as a professional ballet dancer, as a soloist with the San Francisco Ballet and with the Dutch National Ballet. Through this experience she learned the anatomy of movement and therapeutic aspects of yoga in managing injuries and stress.

Following her long dance career, she studied comparative religions and the role of religion in political conflict and development during her International Relations degree program, during which time she focused on Yoga and eastern philosophies. She also completed a Master of Public Administration in the US, believing in practical applications of Yoga in social action.