Lisa was born in Amsterdam in 1982 and is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher with a wide and interesting background. Already at the age of 11 she discovered yoga on a vacation in South Africa. Growing up she came to appreciate the potential of yoga in her life and so a journey of dedication to yoga began.

Lisa Hattem teaches Iyengar Yoga at liveYoGA Amsterdam

Ever since Lisa has been inspired by great yoga teachers from various traditions. In 2007 Lisa completed her first teacher-training in Hatha yoga. In 2011 she travelled to Mysore India where she studies traditional Astanga yoga and at 2011 she found Iyengar yoga and decided to deepen her practice by becoming a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher (2014). Her winding yoga path also brought her to Vipassana meditation where she completed a 10 day course. She feels that meditation has been deepening her spiritual path.

Lisa is dedicated and passionate about yoga and continuously attending yoga workshops and seminars with international yoga teachers.

Teaching style and emphasis

lisa hattem twisting at liveYoga Lisa’s wide background and various trainings have given her a unique understanding of the yoga path and a special way to lead and develop students using their own orientation. She is warm and present for her students, her classes are dynamic and challenging yet with much humor and softness. She brings into the Iyengar method fresh influences from her background while maintaining clarity and direction, compassion and mindfulness.

In her classes Lisa gives plenty of personal attention to her students, stimulating them to discover alignment in their body and develop further in their practice.
Lisa finds teaching very natural. She sees it as a fruit of her own passion to yoga and feels that it supports her own yoga experience.

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