Class is in both Dutch and English

In these lessons we will be practising yoga that concentrates on body postures and breathing techniques that support healthy ageing. Although its especially designed for 55+ plus this class is great for all students of all ages because the process of ageing is relevant to all. By learning to recognise tension in the body and letting go of it, the mind can relax, and you will feel calmer and more balanced.
Anne Verhoijsen Iyengar Yoga shala Amsterdam 800


An important focus in these lessons will be stretching and strengthening the muscles. This is beneficial to the joints, organs and circulation. The yoga movements will be slow and deliberate creating awareness in the postures.

By means of special exercises and concentration you will learn to balance your body, which can mean, for example, that you will be firmer on your legs and therefore less likely to fall.

In general we use just a small part of our muscular system. By activating your whole body you will be both physically and mentally more awake and ready to take on the world!


Anne Verhoijsen (1951) started practising yoga when she was 30 years old and has continued to do so ever since. She has taught yoga for 10 years in Amsterdam. Although she studied many different forms of yoga she was always particularly moved by BKS Iyengar, who encompasses the whole body – mental, physical and spiritual. Anne met BKS Iyengar and even practiced directly with him when he visited Amsterdam in the past. BKS Iyengar believed that the body is the instrument to remain centred in a hectic world.

In her late 40’s, Anne, began to develop herself as a visual artist and had her work presented around the world. Few years ago she has devoted herself to yoga again and joined a teacher training program. Now she enjoys teaching and spreading the advantages that yoga brings, especially for healthy aging. For Anne, yoga is the best life insurance!