Yoga for teenagers with Irma

As for adults, yoga for teenagers is a good workout for the entire body. Yoga also provides young practitioners with tools to manage stress. Teenagers have a hectic life and are in a phase in which they undergo lots of changes; with friends, school, sports, work, not to mention physically. This can cause stress, bad sleeping habits and tensions. Practicing yoga regularly can help to keep things in balance . Yoga helps teens to stay in contact with themselves and listen to their inner self instead of impulses from outside.

Because of yoga the body builds strength and flexibility and is able to relax more easily. Yoga improves coordination and balance, it stimulates the immune system and clears the mind, which decreases fatigue and agitation. Also yoga improves body posture, which can prevent future problems and injuries en gives teens more confidence, because they leave class with more self-esteem and self-knowledge.
Yoga for teenagers is a wonderful way to gain strength, flexibility, great posture and lots of self esteem, all while meeting new friends in a cool environment.
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