The path of the Heart – From Buddha to Shiva and back again

When: Jan 26, Sunday 16:00-18:00 | Where: Iyengar Yogashala Amsterdam | Cost: Single class (15.-) or class card / free for liveYoga members | Parking: free on Sundays!

The way of the heart – open day with Christoph An open evening on Zen, Chan, Buddhism and Tantra

Today, most of the world knows about Zen, the Japanese form of Buddhism. Tch’an on the contrary is less known or totally unknown. Tch’an is a direct and bare approach of our being. By its steep, bare and simple appearance, it slices spiritual illusions. The particularity of Tch’an is in its approach to daily life and its practical application. Tch’an brings fresh air and directness. This non-dualistic approach cut through the spiritual illusion to bring back the one mind, to bring us back to what we need the most. The Heart.

The approach

In our approach, we combine the Tch’an meditation and the mystical dance of Shiva called Tandava. Tandava is said to be the source of all forms of yoga. We propose these two distinct approaches, which are complementary and provide extraordinary dynamic practice!

About Christoph Delaporte

Christoph DelaporteChristoph received the transmission of the Zen Monk robe and bowl in 2002 by Master Kosen (Zen Soto Tradition). In 2005, he received the Transmission of the Monk robe and Bowl from Ming Qing Sifu (Daniel Odier). In 2008, Christophe received the Mahamudra transmission from Daniel Odier in Italy. Christophe is also a Reiki Master and give the Reiki treatment but does not teach Reiki. Being a longtime student of Daniel Odier, he also integrated the Kaula Tantra school of Cashmere Shivaism and brings together Tantra and Tch’an as powerful tool to help us in our daily life.

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