Wild Root Vocal Journey – A Weekend workshop with Amit Carmeli


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“Our voice is a clear and immediate reflection of who we really are in this moment. This is an invitation to experience unity by the power of music, emerged with your own power of voice and presence!” Amit Carmeli

Amit carmeli will be at liveYoga Amsterdam Nov 2014

Vocal-breath-musical experience

The Wild Root stands for life’s energy itself, the source of all creation in each human being. It is wild, yet amazingly harmonious because of its wildness. Every single movement we create in space, every sound-wave we initiate, is born out of our root’s attraction to harmony. Non-interference with this mysterious source within is the secret to being free.

Listening and sensing our voice while singing, allows us to recognize our state of being on several different levels- our body rigidity or flexibility, our attachment to concepts or freedom from those – all reflecting our intimacy with harmony or the lack of it. Experiencing music through your body, breath and voice while surrendering to your Wild Root, allows for a perfect marriage of the musical instrument (our body) with the unique music that we are. Letting the music breathe through us is a powerful act of healing. Singing melody is enabling this healing breathing-pattern to happen. While vocalizing a melody, body and soul are being rearranged, whether we realize it or not.

In the process of Wild Roots Vocal Journey we start with warming up and calming down, preparing our vehicle for the journey. The heart of the workshop lies within four spheres of attentions: hearing attention, liveliness attention – focusing on breath and voice, body attention and attention to the unification of voice, tonality and pulsation of the natural breath. The offerings of the Wild Roots Vocal Journey is strengthening the experience of our true nature, enhancing the awareness of our unique voice and music, deepening the intimacy with ourselves and getting in touch with our creative nature.

The Schedule of the weekend

The Weekend workshop Includes 5 sessions (Each session between 2 to 3 hours). We start on Friday evening with an open to all session and continue over the weekend with two sessions per day.

Friday evening | Nov 14 | 19:00-22:00 – Open Introduction to the Wild Roots Journey
This is an open evening to all (based on free space). Its a mandatory event for those who sign up for the whole weekend as this is where we lay the foundation for the coming sessions). Its possible to join the open evening as a try out and decide after if you want to join the weekend (based on available space of course)

Saturday | Nov 15 – 14:00-17:00 and 19:00-22:00 and Sunday | Nov 16 – 10:00-12:45 – Deep journey into the wild and harmonious root
This is the heart of the weekend journey – the real learning process where Amit guides us through this wonderful technique.

Sunday | Nov 16 – 16:00-19:00 5th and last session  – the Wild Roots Ceremony
This is the final session and the evening where it all comes together. This is the most powerful moment of the weekend where students can practice freely in guided harmony. The video below shows the first 7 minutes of a wild roots ceremony session in Tel Aviv in 2011.

Prices and sign up

sign up button small We expect this evening to be fully booked fairly quickly so we warmly advise early sign up.

  • Friday Nov 14 open Introduction session – €30
  • Friday + Saturday – €110
  • Fulll weekend journey (inc wild roots ceremony) – €190

early bird specialEarly bird discount for the full weekend journey: €150   

* Early bird price is for paid sign ups before Sep 30, 2014

** It is not possible to join any of the days unless you join the friday session. It is not possible to join on Sunday unless you join on Saturday.

Bank account details for money transfers

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IBAN: NL29INGB0005000624

Please mention your name and the event’s name.

About Amit Carmeli

Amit (1970) is a well-known musician, Vocal Artist, Music & sound Therapist and a gifted teacher. For the past 15 years he has performed with the top musicians as well as teaching in Europe and the US regularly. We are so lucky to have him with us.

Amit carmeli will be at liveYoga Amsterdam 2014”Since the day I started hearing music, I realized that the human voice is the ultimate instrument for the boundless expression of music; nevertheless, I have spent 20 years of playing, producing and arranging music without ever opening my mouth. The simple wish for singing was life-transforming, for it revealed the true power of life’s creative energy. In my work I call this energy “Wild Root” and the teaching technique I have named ”Wild Root Meditation”. 3 years of self exploration at the Carmel Mountains in the north of Israel, have made me see and understand Life as Music and Music as Life”.

Ever since, it has been 13 years of teaching people of all ages, exposing and empowering the vital creative force in each and every one of us. Breathing music together with awareness and pure intention of Goodness is a life-transforming process, teaching us about our nature and our longing for uniqueness and unity, harmony and wildness.”

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