Winter food workshop with Galit Hahn

An inspiration evening with natural chef and health food expert Galit Hahn

Friday 8/2/2013 | 18:30-21:00

Most people think that winter is not exactly vegetable season but we are very lucky to live in a country that yields the best winter vegetables. Some of them are called ‘forgotten vegetables’ as they slowly disappeared from the markets in recent years while super markets are transporting summer vegetables across the planet.

winter veggies Join us for an inspirational evening where you can:

  • Meet ‘old and new friends’ – winter vegetables.
  • Taste delicious and nutritious winter dishes made by Galit.
  • Learn about the vast variety of good, hearty and super healthy winter food.

From raw to cooked, we will explore philosophy and  possibilities and you‘ll go home not only inspired but also equipped with a recipe set and lots of tips and ideas to enrich your winter kitchen and boost your health.


Cost: 45,- inclusive a tasting meal and drinks

About the teacher – Galit Hahn

Galit Hahn from Yoga, Food & Nature - Yoga retreats

Galit is a natural food chef and published author (Snoep Goed, Koken in Kleur). She is also the co-owner of Green Catering and the co founder of Yoga, Food & Nature – Yoga Retreats.

Since yoga plays such a major roll in her life, she is looking for ways to implement yoga values and awareness into her great passion – healthy cooking. For Galit, yoga means balance and in order to bring balance to cooking (which powerfully effects our body and wellbeing just like yoga does), she finds balance between cooked and raw foods, between hot and cold, different tastes, spices, consistencies and textures.