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In a group class you can learn and practice yoga with a group of students of similar level and experience. Group classes are structured, dynamic and include a wide and changing variety of yoga poses to allow you a full rounded practice as well as learning experience.
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Group of women in a yoga poseWhat do our class levels mean?

In Iyengar yoga, as much as possible, we try to structure our group classes according to different levels. These distinctions don’t necessarily indicate a level of difficulty or intensity but rather a level of practice maturity, complexity and appetite for deeper knowledge.

In the following we’ll give you an indication of what to expect in the different classes at liveYoga. If you are not sure, our teachers would always guide you in the right direction to find a class that is suitable to you at any given time.

Beginners yoga classes (level 1)

In our level 1 yoga classes we focus the foundation of yoga practice. We initiate and culture in our body principles of stability, mobility (flexibility), balance, and strength. We focus on standing poses and flow work. We emphasis stability and alignment of different body parts in a variety of poses. We learn to work with different props where needed to adjust our practice to our own bodies as it develops. This class is ideal for beginners, however, good for every level of experience as foundation work that supports us throughout our yoga path. Class duration is 90 minutes. Beginners are super welcome.

Beginners Plus yoga classes (levels 1 & 2)

These classes are designed for students who prefer a gradual transition from the foundation level 1 classes to the more stimulating and challenging classes of level 2. Classes are often dynamic, introducing new poses of intermediate level with variations to suit different bodies. In these classes, you get to practice with students with more experience and taste the next stage of yoga practice in a safe way. These classes are always different and often have a theoretical theme that follow through the class. Class duration is 90 minutes.

Intermediate yoga classes (level 2)

camel pose ladies italy yoga retreatOur level 2 yoga classes are suitable for students of yoga who already have a regular practice of once per week (at least 3-6 months of experience with Iyengar yoga or a year of regular practice with other methods). Classes may be more intense and go deeper into details. In our level 2 yoga classes we emphasis stability as well as mobility. We learn to hold poses for longer periods and gradually introduce intermediate poses such as backward and forward extensions as well as inverted poses (such as headstand). These classes also offer an introduction to Pranayama and Meditation. Class duration is 90 minutes.

Intermediate Plus yoga classes (levels 2 & 3)

These Intermediate level classes are stimulating, challenging and deep. They are designed to allow experienced practitioners from each level (level 3 are students with at least a year of regular Iyengar yoga practice) to explore a variety of intermediate poses with particular variations suitable for different levels. We practice inverted poses and their variations, backward extensions, forward extensions etc. It’s a wonderful opportunity to develop your practice and being stimulated to go a step further each time. These yoga classes aim to include every group of poses. They are always very different and often have a theoretical theme that follow through the class. Class duration is 90 minutes.

Iyengar Yoga Dynamics/Flow class (All levels)

Iyengar Dynamic / Flow class

In this special morning class we practice dynamic sequences of poses in a continuous (flow) way to build stamina, strength, balance, and mental concentration.

We will learn and practice sequences of poses and movements where breath and motion are totally integrated so our involvement with the practice becomes both physiological and mental. Through such practice we can slowly open and develop the body in new ways.

These classes are open for all levels, but we do advise you to join our level 1 classes at least 3 months beforehand. Class duration is 90 minutes. Read more…

Special Women’s yoga classes (all levels)

Our special women’s classes are a complete program devoted to the woman’s body and its unique physiological structure and cycles. viparita karani women classes live yoga amsterdamIn this women-only class we have a clear focus and direction from the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar as well as his daughter Geeta S. Iyengar. These women’s classes are accessible to women of all ages irrespective of their level of fitness. The asanas are taught with breath awareness and the aim of creating suppleness and strength from inside out in order to stimulate the whole neuroendocrine system. Deep breathing practice can help to prevent lower back pain as well as pelvic instability.

All women’s classes include relaxation and cultivate calm, balanced energy and vitality to detoxify the body and promote a sense of inner peace. We learn to work with the hormonal changes associated with menstruation, pre-/post natal and menopause. We learn to deal with premenstrual syndrome, menstrual disorders, headaches, and other symptoms. The special woman’s yoga practice can safely benefit women and has a great effect on the emotional system as well as making one morally and mentally strong. Read more…