Yoga & juice detox – 3 days workshop at LiveYoga

OCT 7-9, FRI 19:45-22:00, SAT 14:30-17:00, SUN 10:00-12:30 | WITH NATHALIE | COST: 185,- INCLUDING ALL JUICES

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In this 3-day Yoga & Juice Detox Weekend you will give your body a chance to relax, cleanse and re-charge to get ready for the next season.

Yoga & Juice detox- 3 days workshop with Nathalie at liveYoga

Learn a super easy, fun, and effective way to rid the body of toxins built up in everyday life, and feel lighter and energized. By drinking fresh juices that are highly-concentrated with vital nutrients, your digestive system gets the chance to rest and enables the body to focus on cleansing and restoring itself.


  • Gain knowledge about the digestive system.
  • Learn asanas that will stimulate the detoxification of your body.
  • Get a chance to vitalize and cleanse to get your body ready for the new season.
  • Benefit from personal advise on how to maintain the cleansing as part of your daily life.


To compliment this cleansing process Yoga is the best support you can give your body. With the help of specific asanas and pranayama (breathing practices) we will stimulate body organs responsible for the detox process and improve their functions.

Over the weekend you will have 5 long yoga classes. Every class will consist of a 1,5 to 2 hours of yoga, theory on detoxing and nutrition as well as a chance to ask questions and share experiences. With every class you will receive your freshly pressed juice for the day (3 juices and a shot of power juice). Program begins Friday evening and ends Sunday.

If you prefer not to fast between juices, you can choose to have the juices in addition to your regular food intake. We can advise you on a nutritious detoxing meal plan for the weekend.


Nathalie NamaskarNext to being a yoga teacher Nathalie is a food & detox coach as well. With her blog she spreads her love for yoga and natural nutritious food.
For this weekend workshop Nathalie has joined forces with Marjolein from De Sapbar who specializes in creating delicious juices for beauty and health.


  • In case of any medical conditions please notify us by email so we can advise you.
  • Please note: juice fasting is not suited for pregnant and lactating women.
  • Due to space limitation, we ask you to sign up in advance.
  • Sign ups are in order of actual payment.
  • Location: liveYoga shala Amsterdam, Celebesstraat 6.