About Irma Peters

Irma is a young and energetic yoga practitioner and a certified Iyengar yoga teacher. Having discovered yoga ten years ago while being a university student she understands the value and benefits of yoga for youngsters and young adults.


Over the years Irma studied under different European and American teachers and continues to extend her knowledge of yoga and the art of teaching by visiting other experienced yogis. This gave her much insight into practice and the art of teaching. Irma is a sincere, compassionate and dedicated teacher who thrives on helping students discover the bounty of yoga.

Teaching style and emphasis

With a background in modern dance, hip-hop and track-and-field, Irma teaches classes that are challenging, but unconventional. One of her most important understandings of yoga is to practice for oneself, at one’s own pace and according to one’s own bodily needs and type. As a teacher, Irma gives students new techniques and insights, encouraging them to take that next step, but always with a focus on the self: ‘Yoga can bring immense satisfaction and relaxation to the body and mind, but only when practiced with devotion and great enjoyment.’

Besides yoga

Irma holds master degrees in history and business sociology. For both she studied the medical field and she has always been interested in providing people with a healthy and enjoyable environment. Currently Irma works as an office manager at the University of Amsterdam, next to her biggest hobby – yoga.