Nathalie is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher who is passionate about life and believes we need to make best of it.She was always busy with different sports but 8 years ago she discovered yoga and never looked back. In yoga she found a physical challenge that required strengths, stamina, flexibility and control, yet being purely wholesome for both the body and mind.
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Nathalie believes we should learn to be totally content with ourselves yet always amazed of what we are capable of. In her classes she passes this positive ambiance and aims to bring out the best in her students. As a yoga teacher Nathalie does what she likes best: connect with people and create positive energy together. To her that is an important gift yoga has to offer and she wants to pass on in her classes.

“Love, respect and cherish your body and give this amazing temple the best treatment so it can take you through life with lightness and ease” Nathalie.

Nathalie finds great inspiration in Iyengar yoga, particularly for the body awareness it has developed in her. The deeper understanding and precision in every action enabled her to take better care of her body while preventing or helping injuries. She feels that this profound ongoing learning experience got her ‘hooked for life’. Nathalie loves Amsterdam (her city) and live only just around the corner from the school. She dreams that one day she can move to a sunny place and grow veggies, cook whole foods and teach yoga. We are waiting for an invitation.