Anna Städler teaches Iyengar Yoga at LiveYoga Amsterdam

Anna is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher with a wide and special background in body and movement. She studied contemporary dance in Berlin and Amsterdam and practiced different methods such as Alexander Technique, Contact Improvisation, as well as participated in interactive performances across Europe. Her journey with the body made her focus more and more on sensitising and exploring body awareness through the senses. As a holistic approach to life Yoga has given her a tool to explore exactly that in a context far wider than the body.

Anna Staedler teachers Iyengar Yoga at LiveYoga Amsterdam 2 
This physio-spiritual process is still unfolding its richness and beauty within her. Since Anna is travelling a lot on her work as a performer, Yoga is helping her to distinguish tensions in her body and stay calm and focused when body and mind are challenged.


Anna is teaching since 2009. In her class she creates a friendly and warm atmosphere where everybody is invited to experience Yoga in a safe, personal yet challenging way. She teaches her students to find stability and grounding so that they find space, mobility and openness in their body and mind. She likes to correct and guide her students in a gentle way searching for the room that allows the body and mind to find deeper awareness. According to her Yoga develops the ability of listening to ones own body and needs as well as helping to deal with it and balance.


Anna Staedler teaching Iyengar Yoga at LiveYoga Amsterdam PortSome years ago Anna discovered Kalarippayat – an ancient Indian Martial Art, closely connected to Yoga and Ayurveda. She still study and practice it with her teacher and it is still a great source of inspiration to her on her Yoga path.

Since she is also interested in the therapeutic applications of Yoga she has been assisting and learning in Medical Yoga classes during and after completing her Teacher Training program.