About Annie de Jong

As an artist and a teacher in fine arts, Annie was seeking to be in her body more. She started teaching aerobics, body shape & step classes early 00’s. Looking for deepening her spiritual growth, yoga crossed her path. Annie found the extension of her body achieved through yoga asana practice to be liberating. As an artist you make a journey through your imagination, your mind. As a yogi, you travel through body and mind, and it suddenly came together. Annie graduated from the Iyengar Yoga teacher training five years ago. She now combines teaching Iyengar yoga, Movement Therapy for elderly & Pilates classes. In her classes, Annie loves to give her students that same feeling of liberation she experienced when she first started practicing yoga.

Annie de Jong teaches at liveYoga Amsterdam


Annie’s teaching approach is holistic by nature. She likes to integrate the philosophical elements of yoga into the asana practice in order for you as a student to gain knowledge about yourself.
Her classes and workshops provide you with an extra layer, and with that Annie adds another color to our wonderful palette.
Annie has a lower back issue, and in her classes she can provide special attention to those with physical issues especially when it comes to back problems. She knows best how to deal with issues in a way that you don’t have to suffer as much in your daily life thanks to your yoga practice!