Asaf Hacmon – Iyengar Yoga Teacher

Asaf is an experienced Iyengar Yoga teacher holding an Intermediate Jr. III certificate. He is the founder of LiveYoga and a member of the Assessment & teacher training committee of the Iyengar Yoga Association of The Netherlands. As a long-time mind-body explorer Asaf received his first yoga lesson in 1998 from a spiritual teacher with whom he worked closely. Since that first class the seed of yoga hasn’t stopped growing.

During the years that followed, Asaf visited India 5 times and studied with different teachers in various spiritual disciplines before discovering and falling in love with the beauty and richness of the Iyengar Yoga method. Asaf had the fortune of meeting BKS Iyengar (Guruji) twice and practicing in his presence as well as studying from his children Geetaji and Prashantji.

teaching style and emphasis

In his teaching Asaf brings together physical yoga asana practice with stimulating non-dogmatic philosophy to create a conscious experience of presence and living wisdom in the body and in the heart. His classes are ever-changing, infused with warmth and vigor, challenging yet never losing sight of the deeper side of practice that calls for open, non-judgmental observation. Following a near-death experience in 2010 Asaf experienced an awakening that hasn’t stopped unfolding. With a clearer sense of purpose and insight his teachings have evolved in a way that point to the true wholeness that lies within one’s own heart consciousness.

Guruji and Asaf Hacmon RIMYI 592

With BKS Iyengar in Pune India

“It is my observation that unlike our body which will be one day less vibrant, our consciousness will forever sparkle with freshness and nowness. While nourishing our bodies with our practice we should always try and cultivate a present moment awareness that is heart-centered rather than mental. One day this may make all the difference”. Asaf 

Drawn to non-dualistic philosophies such as Tantric Kashmir Shaivism, Asaf believes in all forms of meditation as gateways to living wisdom, equanimity and joy of being. While practicing and teaching he tries to bring light into the ancient bond between Asana (physical practice) and Dhyana (meditation).

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Asaf teaching in Amsterdam Yoga Festival 2014


Asaf holds university degrees in Law (LL.B) and Management (MBA) and has previously worked both as lawyer and director in international organisations.  This professional experience gave him an in-depth insight into the psycho-somatic challenges of modern day work and was a catalyst for his realisation of the importance of mind-body balance.

Asaf teaches his regular weekly Iyengar yoga classes in Amsterdam, as well as offering Yoga retreats and workshops in Europe and The Netherlands. For more information on his regular classes, see the liveYoga classes timetable.

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