Joske Dewachter teaches Yoga at LiveYoga Amsterdam

Joske is a certified Yoga teacher with over 10 years of experience. She is truly special because she brings into her teaching so much more. Yoga for her is not just a practice of discipline but a way of being – a way of life. Although she successfully completed her Iyengar yoga teacher training in 2008, her long and winding spiritual journey began much earlier.

Her discovery of Yoga began in the Seventies, while traveling in India. She met a Raja Yoga Master who took her as one of his first female disciples. This was the start of a 30 years journey of inquiry into the meaning of life and ways of living it with true freedom. During these years Joske studied with several Masters, who guided her little by little towards a perspective of our true potential of liberation.

Joske trikonasana

Over the years she practiced many contemplative disciplines and Healing Arts (such as: Japanese and Korean Martial arts, Alexander Technique, Shiatsu-Acupressure, Massages, Meditation-Mindfulness and different Yoga styles). Although she started her path looking for answers she gave up ‘the search’ years ago and lives in the Spirit of continuous growth and integration.

Teaching style and emphasis

Joske likes to be creative in her classes, she teaches with lightness and presence and creative ways for students to discover their own potential. She uses alignment, sequencing, flow of energy and personal adjustments to guide students into deeper understanding of yoga on and off the mat. She finds great joy in witnessing students integrate their experience in their practice and daily life.

joske in prasarita padotanasana live yoga amsterdamJoske is very unique in her style of teaching due to the fusion she makes between classical Yoga asana, eastern therapeutic practices and principles of Yin-Yang philosophy. This approach gives a rich basis for body-mind awareness, allowing access to deeper energetic layers. Joske believes that such process contributes to the quality of our daily life and supports our further process of transformation.

“Yoga practice is deeper and more precise as the body celebrates the movement of being! What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us” Joske

The practice of Yoga ‘is the search of how to do rather than why and what to do’. Our aim is cultivating a new level of awareness through alignment, concentration, lightness of being and surrender.