Olya Kaplan teaches Iyengar Yoga at LiveYoga Amsterdam

Olya is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher who has always been interested in a holistic approach to life.


Prior to her yoga journey she first started studying Healing, Reiki, Reflexology and Acupressure. These disciplines were eye openers for her. Later, Olya got her first yoga class in India, Dharamsala, during a 4 month trip in 2003. Since then she continuously practiced yoga and explored several yoga styles before she found Iyengar yoga as her favorite method. Olya completed the official 3 year Iyengar yoga teacher-training program and has been teaching since 2008. Her passion for therapy led her to assisting in medical yoga classes for 3 years. To widen her knowledge about the body she finished a part of the HBO-Physiotherapy program in Amsterdam.

Teaching style and emphasis

Sarvangasana Iyengar Yoga Olya Kaplan During her classes you will practice a wide range of poses and explore your personal limitations in a safe and enjoyable way.

Olya’s goal is that you feel rooted, open and energized after her yoga classes.

“For me, yoga is more than just a philosophy. It is a way of living and it touches on all parts of my live. Since I practice yoga I have become a happier person, closer and more truthful to myself. Yoga made my life fuller and I hope it will bring the same to you.” — Olya Kaplan