Stefania is a Polestar® Pilates trainer and a dancer. She started her studies with Dance Education and Chemical Engineering in Athens and then worked as a dance teacher and a dancer in Amsterdam. Her curiosity led her to a Pilates class one day. She immediately fell in love with the Pilates method and went further to deepen her Education in teaching it to others.

What she loves most about Pilates is the opportunity it gives everyone to explore their own movement and body as well as the power of Pilates to affect and even transform our daily life.

Pilates with Stefania at LiveYoga Amsterdam

“Pilates offered me the proper awareness to develop a healthier movement and a more harmonic body-mind. What I love in Pilates is the opportunity to work in a frame of mind-full movement which can have surprising results”. Stefania



What is important to Stefania in her classes is variety, creativity, laugh and a balanced outlook at life. These ideas have greatly affected her teaching. In her classes she creates a pleasant atmosphere by being playful and poetic and stimulates the imagination in order to work better (correctly) with the body while deeply enjoying the process on more than one level. She was greatly inspired by her Polestar Pilates teacher – Annemieke Jonas who has a similar background in dance and somatic practices.

Stefania is also a free-lance dancer who is committed to developing also her own work.

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