Taylor made yoga coaching

Personal yoga coaching is a wonderful way to focus on yourself, giving yourself the attention you need with individual issues you encounter in your yoga practice and everyday life.

Every body is different – learn more about yours

And moreover, even our own body is different each day. As time goes by we encounter new challenges with our health, emotions, mind and the inter-relation between them all. Teacher and student during a personal coaching yoga sessionOur body needs different things at different moments and so our yoga practice must change to meet these needs. It must be relevant – it must be alive. During private classes we learn the art of checking and meeting ourselves at the moment – as we really are. And from there, while honoring that point, we learn to give ourselves what we really need. We learn which poses are suitable for us at a given moment and for a given purpose. We learn how to time and sequence our poses optimally. Over time we learn what are the recurring issues we need to give special attention to and how to adapt our practice to our needs even while being in a group yoga class.

A toolbox for life

Asaf correcting a student

Everything around us (and inside us) is in a constant state of change. The seasons change, our bodies change, our life-circumstances change, our ideas, beliefs etc. Just like a tool box, our yoga knowledge and yoga practice work as an effective set of tools helping us meet and deal with the change at the core of our lives. During personal coaching, while relevantly-focusing on different aspects of our body through our yoga practice, we develop a powerful inner toolbox that we could use in any circumstance.


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