Preparing for a yoga class with us

women in downward facing dog yoga positionGeneral tips and ideas

  • If you are planning to come to a yoga class with us for the first time please sign up online. Read below for more details.
  • Please come 10 minutes before class so you get a chance to change, take it easy, have a cup of tea or warm up.
  • Door opens 15 minutes before each class. We start on time!
  • It’s best to practice on an empty stomach and empty bowels. Not eating at least 2 hours before class is recommended. Most obvious reasons are that your energy level will be higher, you will feel lighter and your digestion will not be in your way when your body gets into different poses.
  • We recommend taking a shower before Yoga practice. Just try it.

Row of yoga practitioners during classWhat should I bring to class?

  • Comfy/sporty clothing. Preferably shorts so you could see your own knees. If you don’t like wearing shorts try at least wearing clothing that are not too loose.
  • You are welcome to bring your own yoga mat but its not necessary – the studio is fully equipped.
  • Please bring a fresh towel with you if you tend to sweat a lot.


If this is your first visit – Yes!
Please sign up and make an account for yourself so we know you are coming. It will guarantee your place in class and it will save us time on your arrival so we can take care of you better. In addition all the benefits below apply.

If you already have an account signing up is not mandatory but it does give you these important benefits:

  • Your place in class is reserved – some classes are fully booked so unless you are signed up you wont be able to get in.
  • When you are signed up we will be able to contact you if there is any change in class time or sudden cancellation (if you are not on the list we can’t do that).
  • When you are signed up you help the teacher plan the class better for your needs. We know our students well and always try to plan classes to fit their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

For many more questions & answers about yoga and practice in general please see our useful FAQ page.