Full moon Meditation evenings with Harko Robroch

Once a month at full moon we offer a special meditation from the Kundalini Yoga tradition free of charge. The meditation will help you relax and you can use it as a monthly anchor point to stand still for a moment. That is what we need nowadays in busy city life. By relaxing and by detaching from the thoughts that spin through your system, you will feel re-energized.

The meditation is open to everybody. You do not need any meditation experience. This monthly event is free of charge, voluntary donations are welcome.

monthly fullmoon meditations at live Yoga AmsterdamPlease come and join us once a month (on full moons – dates below) for this meditation session!

The schedule looks like this in case we start at 20:15 (default time). Note that we sometimes start at a different time:

20:15 Preparation
20:30 Full Moon Meditation (guided)
21:00 End

About Harko Robroch

Harko robroch guiding full moon meditations in live Yoga AmsterdamHarko Robroch is a certified Kundalini yoga teacher, a father, and he runs his own international technology business. Before becoming a yoga teacher, Harko practiced years of meditation as a way to stay balanced in modern city life. Harko teaches yoga and meditation to integrate in daily life so that you can stay sharp, relaxed and conscious at most times!

In 2013 Harko also followed an international yoga therapy course and together with his wife Nanda he established the YogaCare foundation – special yoga classes for patients suffering from different medical conditions.

2014 Full moon meditation dates at liveYoga Amsterdam:

Jan 15, Wednesday at 20:15
Feb 14, Friday at 20:15
Mar 16, Sunday at 20:15
Apr 15, Tuesday at 17:30
May 14, Wednesday at 20:15
Jun 13, Friday at 20:15
July 12, Saturday at 20:15
Aug 10, Sunday at 20:15
Sep 8, Monday at 17:30
Oct 8, Wednesday at 20:15
Nov 6, Thursday at 20:15
Dec 6, Saturday at 20:15

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