Meditation has numerous benefits to our lives such as lower stress levels, better focus and presence, more joy and happiness, peace and acceptance in daily life.

Sundays 17:00-18:00
from 20.1.2013 till 31.3.2013

Cost: Normal price: 110,-
Members discount: 10% always


Description of the course:

During this course over 10 separate classes you will:

  • learn to observe your mind and create distance between you and your thoughts.
  • You will be gently guided to experience the stillness within you which is the source of peace, happiness and balance.
  • Different methods will be used to teach you deep relaxation, help you sleep better and to inspire you to look within rather than continuously searching for fulfillment outside.

About Sattwa:

Sattwa is a mother, a wife, a registered oncology nurse, an Aura and Chakra healer and an Ishaya monk. She has been interested in spirituality and holistic wellbeing for 25 years. Looking for answers to “big” questions from theology study, nursing and healing she found her true passion about 4 years ago in meditation called The Ishayas’ Ascension. This meditation practice has given her a solid experience of the stillness within all of us which is the source or everything and the connecting factor between us and our surroundings. Along many health benefits this experience has brought a lot of clarity and balance in her life. Living from this space has given her much happiness, love and joy which she now want’s to share with you.