over cristina libanori

Cristina is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher and a certified Ayurvedic Nutritionist consultant at the Ayurvedic Institute in Amsterdam. In her teachings she combines Yoga and Ayurveda science and philosophy to explore the inner wisdom which is alive in all of us . Exploring, learning and sharing has always played a central role in Cristina’s life. She enjoys the art of teaching as it brings more insight into her own yoga practice. Cristina’s background spans from Bodywork to Performing Arts. She studied Shiatsu massage, Theatre & Modern Dance in Italy at the International Theatre School “Circo a Vapore” in Rome. In The Netherlands she

Teaching style and emphasis

She integrates her past performing and body work experiences with a new much deeper “inner vision”. This adds a fun atmosphere to her yoga classes. Students are challenged to focus their attention to body, breath and mind and their balance with one another in a playful manner. Cristina loves sharing her passion with her yoga students. Every class and Yoga practice is an “inner journey” where we get closer to our center, to discover what we “already know” but have consciously or unconsciously forgotten. Cristina teaches regularly in Holland and in Italy weekly classes and workshops. She provides personal coaching, pregnancy & therapeutic classes as well as office Yoga programs.