Over Daniela Gfeller

Daniela is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher with direct teaching experience since 2007. She enjoys helping students by sharing her knowledge. She started her yoga path in 2001. While working as a communication specialist in high-tech she stumbled upon an Iyengar yoga class and quickly fell in love with the active form of practice, the precision that comes with it and it’s physical/mental benefits.

Since she spent her days in front of a computer screen she noticed that yoga both strengthen and lengthen the muscles while also energizing the spine.

Teaching style and emphasis

Daniela believes in creating a firm foundation of practice and then gradually building up to go into deeper levels. Her teaching style is challenging but clear and precise. She helps students develop their bodies and their relationships with their bodies and takes great joy in seeing them develop over time. “Seeing students in savasana and noticing how much they have changed since they first entered the class room is just wonderful and that makes me very happy” daniela.

Inspiration and personal motivation

After a traumatic experience during her first child birth, Yoga also helped her on an emotional level on her road to recovery. While picking up her yoga practice she got back into shape but especially noticed the benefits of yoga on a psycho-physiological level. While yoga asanas develop consciousness of the body, they also generate internal consciousness and are stabilising the mind. Daniela is inspired by Geeta S. Iyengar’s words:

“Yoga is a culture of the body, the mind, and the soul. In physical exercise body movements may be done with precision, whereas in Yoga a deeper awareness is cultivated, bringing equipoise of body and mind. Asanas develop muscles, as do physical exercises, and they remove stiffness so that body movements become free. However, they are concerned more with the physiological body and the vital organs than with the physical body. They strengthen and revitalise organs such as the liver, spleen, intestines, lungs, and kidneys. Each asana works on the entire system. It is an organic exercise which eradicates toxins.”

Daniela feels ever grateful for having found the path of yoga and for the changes it has brought up within her and her surroundings. She feel extremely privileged to be able to share this with her students.