When: July 6, Sunday 9:30-14:30 | Where: Iyengar Yogashala Amsterdam | Cost: 60,- normal price / 54,- for liveYoga unlimited members | Parking: free on Sundays!

Ayurveda & Yoga – Kapha balancing detox with Christina & ElenaAyuryoga: A powerful fusion of Ayurveda & Yoga

Combining Yoga practice and Ayurveda lifestyle, Ayuryoga will help you understand how to integrate your yoga practice in your daily life. Specific focus is given to seasonal changes and their qualities which affect food, behaviour and other aspects.

  • a morning Iyengar Yoga practice in tune with this period of the year
  • an “eat and learn” experience, with interactive Ayurvedic lunch
  • a final evaluation, discussion and sharing.

What will you learn?

  • How to recognise with your own unique constitution/nature.
  • Yoga and Pranayama seasonal techniques.
  • How to restore your energies throughout the day.
  • How to distinguish the effects of food on your body through their taste.
  • How to adapt your lifestyle during each season

Christina Libanori at liveYoga

The Schedule:

09:15-9:30 / Welcome
09:30-12:30 / Iyengar Yoga for your body type and season
12:30-13:00 / cup of ayurvedic tea
13:00-14:30 / Guided Ayurveda lunch

How do I sign up?

SIGN UP HERE via our Workshops & events schedule
Places are limited so please sign up in advance.
Reservations are in order of actual payment (at the studio or via bank transfer).
SIGN UP HERE via our Workshops & events schedule

Christina Libanori at liveYogaAbout Christina Libanori

Cristina is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher and a certified Ayurvedic Nutritionist consultant at the Ayurvedic Institute in Amsterdam. In her teachings she combines Yoga and Ayurveda science and philosophy to explore the inner wisdom which is alive in all of us . Exploring, learning and sharing has always played a central role in Cristina’s life. She enjoys the art of teaching as it brings more insight into her own yoga practice.

Elena Impagliazzo at liveYogaAbout Elena Impagliazzo

Elena is an Ayurveda pratictioner, Natuurgeneskundig therapeut. “As a certified Ayurveda therapist, I am qualified to diagnose conditions from an Ayurveda perspective, as well as prescribe the full spectrum of therapeutics such as herbal supplements, nutrition and lifestyle advice. My specializations are nutrition as medicine and massage therapy.

The aim of my treatments is to integrate and balance the body and the mind, as well as to provide support during illness. My mission is to provide my clients the tools they need to empower their unique nature for sustained health and joy.”