restorative & pranayama workshop with Asaf

“By the meeting point of the two breaths, at the extreme point, the yogi becomes capable of knowing equality (the unity of the Self)”. Vijnana Bhairava sl. 64

  • Learn effective restorative poses that work directly on our organic and energetic layers.
  • The foundations of pranayama such as Ujjayi, Viloma and Kumbahka.
  • The philosophical background of how yoga practice helps brings quietude to the mind.

Women practising pranayamaIn this special 3 hour workshop we will initiate ourselves into the space of one’s own body. We will explore the gross and subtle movements of breath in different yoga poses so we can learn to bath and float in the river of breath. We will learn Pranic techniques to deepen and widen this river so it can wash, cleanse and nourish the organic body and open a window of quietude to the mind.

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Saturday 8 September 2012
Sadhana Yoga Studio Eindhoven
Cost: €35
Registrations: (before 1 September 2012)

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