Sr. Iyengar yoga teacher Clé Souren 1939-2013

With sadness we let you know that last night, July 2 2013, Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher Clé Souren passed away in Amsterdam at the age of 74.

Senior iyengar Yoga teacher Clé Souren Souren RIP The entire team of the Iyengar yoga shala Amsterdam send their deepest condolences to his family, friends and students.

Clé has been a teacher and an inspiration to us all. His knowledge and teachings still resonate in us and still find their way through us in our own teachings.

Rest in peace dear sir.
Om shanti shanti shanti


10 thoughts on “Sr. Iyengar yoga teacher Clé Souren 1939-2013

    • It is with sadness in heart i recieved the message of Cle´s departure from this world. I also feel for his lovely family. In my heart i will always with respect remember Cle, and how he always tryed to help each and everyone to reach a higher awareness in yoga. Rest in peace dear Clee.

  1. My condolences, …
    “… What does it mean to die other, than to stand nude in the wind and to melt in the sun? And what does it mean not to breathe any more other, than to release the breath from its restless tides, so that it climbs and develops and can search unhindered God…? ” Khalil Gibran
    Thanks Cle and good bye…
    …we will see you in the end of the rainbow
    Peter and Silke from germany

  2. Dear Clé. I cannot imagine that you are gone! I am so sad.
    I was one of the lucky bastards that had lessons from you since 1988. I loved you with all my hart and you passed your love for yoga into me. Real deep. After the first try out lesson, the lesson was not even finished and I knew for sure that your way was my way: yoga.
    You were direct, you had a lot of knowledge and you gave it, you were caring and loving and you did not like people who were not clever. You were even worse with people who thought they were cleverer than you! Than you became a lion! You were a strong pillar to many of us. I love you and I will always keep you in my hart. I am happy we had a chance to embrace each other again and kiss and talk open-heartedly with each other not such a long time ago. That was, and still is, very important for me. Thank you.

  3. I am very sorry to hear that you left us Clé. It is a big surprise and a sad one. Blessings on you who has done so much for Guruji’s Yoga. My love to you and love and condolences to Delilah and Storm. Give my love also to our old friend Charles.

  4. Lieve Clé, Ik was erg geschrokken toen ik het overlijdensbericht in de krant las. Onvoorstelbaar dat je er niet meer bent! Ik wens je familie veel sterkte. Ik denk met dankbaarheid terug aan onze vriendschap vooral in de tijd dat Ed nog leefde en dank je voor wat je me leerde. Rust in Vrede. Riet d Zoete

  5. Gister vernam ik dat de (ex)partner van mijn Tante Nanda Peek is overleden. Ik was op dat moment in Amsterdam en bedacht om te kijken waar hij ook alweer woonde en kijken of hij thuis was.
    Het was een schok….

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