Tuesday evenings 18:30-19:30

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During these sessions Marlene will take you on a dynamic meditation experience. Dynamic meditations with Marlene Smits at liveYoga AmsterdamThrough different meditation techniques using breath, mudras, sound, visualisation, mantra and conscious movement she will guide you to go deeper within, cultivate silence and harmony and increase happiness and awareness.

Every class is very different and will give you the opportunity to acquaint yourself with different styles and techniques from all over the world. Classes are open to anyone, regardless of any prior experience. If you are pregnant or have a serious health condition always mention this before class so that we can always find suitable alternatives for you.

The Benefits of meditation are numerous

The health benefits of meditation are vast and well accepted: it lowers blood pressure, reduces ageing hormones, stabilises the nervous system, improves circulation and quality of oxygen in the blood, etc. But first and foremost meditation is the perfect antidote for stress. Being able to relax the body, calm the breath and still the mind is a priceless tool in these modern times where we seem to rush through life, there is always so much to do and so much we expect from ourselves.

Marlene Smits

Marlene Smits from liveYoga AmsterdamMarlene is a non-dogmatic yoga and meditation teacher and health coach. For the last 20 years she has been cultivating meditation and yoga practices and spiritual development.

She studied different meditation techniques ranging from Silva Method to Transcendental Meditation, from Tantric to Buddhist, from Vedic to Shamanic and others in between.

Marlene’s classes are dynamic, modern, eclectic and non-dogmatic. She combines many different teachings from all over the world into her practise, creating a bridge between modern urban reality and ancient wisdom. Classes are never the same and accessible for beginners and advanced practitioners.

“My great passion is sharing love & light with people, helping them to discover their spirituality as well as promoting and nourishing positive and healthy thoughts and habits, empowering people to take charge of their own happiness.”– Marlene Smits


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