About our yogi chef

Chef Galit Hahn with a bunch of fresh herbs Galit Hahn, from Green Catering, a natural food chef and published author (Snoep Goed, Koken in Kleur), will serve a light lunch and a delicious dinner each day. You are all invited to taste and enjoy her cuisine and If you’d like to learn how to prepare these meals at home, you’re welcome to take part of preparing the food and join Galit in the kitchen so you can learn how to put into practice all these wonderful ideas.

Cooking, the yogi way

Since yoga plays such a major roll in my life, I’m looking for ways to implement the yoga values and bring the yoga awareness into other fields; How to expand the yoga way of thinking outside the practice hours.

Vegetables for sale on a market

I like to work with the natural cycle of the year and adjust my cooking to the changing seasons.

For me, yoga means balance. Balance between the right and the left sides of the body; The front and the back, the upper and lower parts, external and internal. It is a balance between flexibility and strength. A balance between body and mind and so on… In order to bring all of that to my cooking (which powerfully effects our body and wellbeing just like yoga does), I’m looking for that balance in food as well. Balance between cooked and raw foods. Balance between hot and cold. Different tastes, spices, consistencies and textures. Strong flavoured food that is uplifting and mild tasting food that soothes and relaxes the stomach.

Working with the natural cycle of the year and adjusting the cooking to the changing seasons. Just like in my yoga practice I look for verity, try new things, explore and expand. And again, as in yoga, it all must make sense. It must be practical and available for everybody to apply and incorporate in their own life. All good things come in simple forms (even if sometimes it doesn’t look like it from the first glance) and so are my recipes – simple to make and easy to digest.