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With a sad but ever grateful heart we share with you that Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar (Guruji) has left his body and this world. He leaves behind him and in each one of us a something so precious and so alive – the seed of yoga which has grown to be a tree that has already given fruits to so many of us and so many that are yet to pass under it. LiveYoga – Iyengar Yogashala Amsterdam sends its prayers and wishes to the close family (Geeta and Prashant) and to the worldwide Iyengar yoga family.

Rest in peace great lion. Om Shanti.
Guruji 1918-2014



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8 thoughts on “YOGACHARYA B.K.S. IYENGAR (GURUJI) 1918-2014 | Tribute page

  1. Music is still my first love so I like the saying very much. I also believe it is true. The end accord has been played for you Iyengar,rest in peace.

  2. There are not enough words to describe the contribution and influence this man had on mankind. I salute him and dedicate my yoga practice to this great man who gave us the most precious gift.

  3. Have a safe flight to your next destination mr Iyengar. Thank you for your teachings. Thank you Asaf and the LiveYoga-team for passing Iyengar’s wisdom on to us students.

  4. Dear Mr. Iyengar,

    The last 35 years your are the red tread in my live. Not always was the tread glowing like a red fire fire. That was not you but me and that’s the thing what you made very clear to me.
    Thank you for thrustful dedication and wisdom that always will be around us.

  5. Only 1 year ago I walked into Iyengar yoga.
    Although according to Mr Iyengar all yoga’s are the same Iyengar yoga ‘hits me” and brings changes more than before.
    Thank you so much for your wisdom. And thanks to liveyoga for sharing this video.

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