When: Oct 13, 20, 27, Sundays 17:00-19:30 | Where: Iyengar Yogashala Amsterdam | Cost: 30,- each part / 80,- for all 3
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Practical Tools for Stress Relief with Marlene SmitsStress is something we all deal with in this modern society. Whether it is dealing with pressure and deadlines at work, racing the clock to get your family logistics organised, loss of a loved one or a mind buzzing whether you are getting enough out of life.

When stress goes on for longer periods of time, it can create a lot of discomfort and disruption in your being. It has been scientifically proven that long term stress causes chemical changes in the brain. But it can also influence your health, your nervous system, your hormones, your immunity, your digestion, but also your mind, your emotions and sense of wellbeing, your sleep, your energy levels amongst many other things. And since we cannot avoid stress entirely, we need to find ways to get it out of our system on a regular basis to remain balanced.

In this three part series we will discuss different types of stress and how to use simple and easy meditation, breath and energy techniques to release accumulated stress and to recharge your system on all levels.

What will be covered?

PART 1: The Body
In this part we will focus mainly on stress and tension in the body. Very often we are so used to the parts of our body being all tensed up that we hardly notice anymore. Or we have lost this connection to our physical body to really feel what is going on.

PART 2: The Mind
During this session we will become aware of stressful thought and thought patterns and how to regulate and change them, so that they won’t take over our reality and influence our emotions in a negative way.

PART 3: The Heart
Sometimes negative emotions have been buried so deep into our hearts that they change the way we behave in relationships. When we don’t feel we can surrender with ease and grace to giving and receiving love. In this session we will dive into our heart space to dig up stressful emotions and create a healing energy for the heart.

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