Yoga props

Iyengar yoga complete rope set

complete rope set

Yoga practice with ropes can develop agility, confidence and alertness.


two pairs of ropes
two pairs of eye bolt fixings
polyester mortar anchor (glue)


Meditation Cushion

meditation cushion

A great all-round meditation cushion that allows you to adopt a relaxed, yet alert posture.

Size: 14cm height, 32cm diameter
Weight: 2,1 kg
Made of:
Cover: 100% cotton.
Filling: Buckwheat
Available in 3 colors: black, red, orange


Travel Meditation cushion

travel meditation cushion

The ideal travel companion. For people who would like to have their own personal cushion with them.

Size: 10cm x 12cm
Weight: less than 1kg
cotton twill cover,
buckwheat husk filling
Available in 2 colors: asphalt grey and dark green.


Spezial yoga mat

NEW! spezial sticky mat

The textured surface offers excellent grip. Manufactured in Germany to their high level of detail and engineering standards.

Size: 60cm x 185cm
5mm thick
Weight: 1.6 kg
Colors: Royal blue & Purple


manduka prolite mat

manduka prolite mat

A slip-resistant, high performance PVC mat, has high density cushioning for joint protection and versatility on any surface.

Size: 61cm x 180cm
4.5mm thick
Weight: 1.8 kg


yoga spike mat

shakti spike mat

For self-healing, relaxation and meditation. Regular use of the acupressure mat will induce relaxation and self-healing quicker.

Size: 67cm x 40cm
Weight: 0.6 kg
Features: handles and a clip button to carry around.


yoga mat

standard yoga sticky mat

The original sticky mat! Durable and light, easy to roll, carry and wash (washing machine). Comfortable for kneeling, sitting and lying poses.

Size: 1.83m x 61cm, 4.5 mm thick
Available in different colors


yoga mat

ako yoga mat (4,5mm)

Strong grip to prevent slipping. Durable and easy to roll and wash (washing machine) Free of Phthalate and AZO colours, latex free.

Size: 1.83m x 61cm, 4,5 mm thick
Available in different colors


yoga brick

yoga brick

Environmentally sound cork brick, light weight (easy for traveling) and feels great. The cork is strong and non-slip. Rounded edges for comfort.

Size: 230 x 120 x 70mm. Weight: 0.7 kg

€13,95 (2 for €27,-)

yoga blanket

yoga blanket

The classic white yoga blanket from India – 100% natural, firm, great for folding and rolling. With a small thin hem on two sides, and blanket-stitching on the other two sides. Machine washable

Size: 1.5m x 2.3m. Weight: 1.6 kg


classic yoga belt

classic yoga belt

This classic double thickness cotton belt, with its extra strong metal buckle is a sturdy and comfortable choice. Originates in Pune and is a favorite in Iyengar institutes.

Size: 2m x 2,5cm.
Made in India, 100% natural cotton


yoga belt

yoga belt

Strong and practical, thick and long belt, allowing a safe grip without hurting your hands.
Made in India, 100% natural cotton with a strong metal buckle

Size: 2.5m x 4,0cm.
Weight: 0,2 kg


headstand yoga stool

NEW! yoga headstand stool

If headstand is the king of asanas, then FeetUp is your throne.


This innovative inversion aid enables you to hold a safe and stable headstand posture without any pressure on the neck and spine.


yoga chair back bender

NEW! chair back bender

A classic prop for Iyengar yoga, used to aid rotation in seated twists, for support in backbends, in viparita karani and many other asanas. Chairs fold flat for easy storage and have durable non-marking feet.


yoga chair

yoga chair

A classic prop for Iyengar yoga, this chair is without a front bar and has a double back cross bar for stability. Tested by yogis. sticky feet. Best we ever seen.


yoga bolster

yoga bolster – round

Firm and round bolster (with/without a cover) durable and excellent for supine postures. Cover made of 100% cotton with Recron fibre filling for firmness and durability. Inc carrying handle.

Size: 60cm x 25cm
Available in differnet colors


yoga bolster

yoga bolster – Organic cotton

Firm and round bolster (with/without a cover) durable and excellent for supine postures. Cover made of 100% organic cotton with cotton filling

Size: 60cm x 22cm
Available in natural blue color


yoga bolster

yoga bolster – rectangular

The long, flat surface supports the whole back and can also be used to raise the hips in sitting postures and for support in shoulder stand variations.
Cover made of 100% cotton, with Recron fibre filling

Size: 63cm x 30cm x 15cm


yoga bolster

pranayama pillow

Special pillow to support your back and help keep your chest open in pranayama (breathing) practice.
Cover made of 100% cotton, with organic cotton filling.

Weight: 0,5kg


yoga blocks

yoga foam block

High-grade non-toxic yoga blocks – great quality and value. Made from eco-friendly material that combines strength with lightness. Beautiful pastel colours (also in Black!)

Size: 305 x 205 x 50mm. Weight: 0.15 kg

€5,-(Buy 4 for €15)

Eye bandage

eye bandage

Used to wrap the brow and eyes, drawing attention inwards and releasing tension in the head, this eye wrap is excellent for restorative work, pranayama and meditation.

Size: 10cm width
Weight: 0,1 kg


Eye pillow

eye pillow

Handmade from cotton and filled with flax seeds. Removable outer cover for easy washing.

Size: 255mm x 80mm


Eye pillow lavender

eye pillow with lavender

With removable 100% cotton covers. Filled with lavender and flax seed to rest your eyes.

Size: 270mm x 90mm
Available in different colors.


Viparita Karani

basic practice set I

A Viparita Karani set, includes:
1 bolster
1 brick
1 eye pillow.

Only €65 (instead of €69)

Baddha Konasana

basic practice set II

A Supta Baddha Konasana (as well as Viparita Karani) set including:
1 bolster
1 belt
1 blanket
1 eye pillow.

Only €85 (instead of €94)

Salamba Sarvangasana

complete practice set

A shoulder stand set and almost all other supported poses, including:
1 bolster
1 belt
1 blanket
2 cork bricks
4 shoulder stand blocks
1 eye pillow

Only €126(instead of €142)