Unlimited membership terms and conditions

Contract Start Date: today
Contract Duration and Automatic Renewal

Contract is in force for ongoing months from the Contract Start Date, with automatic renewal for subsequent months (min 3 months), unless cancelled thereafter by either client or liveYoga, with notification of 30 days in advance of the next billing date.

I will become a member of liveYoga and enjoy unlimited yoga & pilates classes (1x a day) and 10% discount on LiveYoga workshops.

I understand and accept the following conditions:

I will pay the monthly fee every month for the duration of the membership.

The membership is for a minimum of three full calendar months as indicated above. Unless properly cancelled it will continue month by month automatically.

Membership cancellation is possible after these first three months at any time without cost, provided that prior written notice (email is fine) of at least one calendar month is given.

Membership fees will be withdrawn from my bank account by automatic payment (SEPA Autopay or credit card), which I hereby authorise liveYoga Shala Amsterdam to make.

Membership fee will be withdrawn in advance for the month that follows. For example: on Jan 1st membership fee will be paid for the month of January.

This membership is personal (to be used by me alone). I also understand therefore that the benefits mentioned above cannot be transferred to anybody else.

After the initial 3 months we offer the flexibility to pause your membership for 1 month, provided the same 1 month notice has been given. For example if you want to cancel your membership November 1-30, we need to know before October 1.

If for any reason an automatic payment fails or bounces back (any reason includes wrong IBAN or information provided, blocking of SEPA pay with my bank, lack of funds in my account etc.) a fee of €15 will be automatically added to my account in addition to the monthly fee which needs to be sorted still. I will sort this combined fee ASAP by PIN/CASH or bank transfer and understand that I won’t be able to take classes till then.

liveYoga Shala Amsterdam retains the right to change opening times, lesson schedules, teachers and/or prices, and the right to close the studio on public holidays without reducing or refunding membership fees.

I understand that in order to guarantee my place in class I must sign up online ahead of class. I also understand that if I choose to sign up on the wait list and a place becomes available I will be notified by email and its my responsibility to check my email for such notifications as long as I choose to stay on the wait list.

I accept that the use of the facilities at liveYoga is at my own risk. liveYoga Shala Amsterdam accepts no responsibility for damages as a consequence of accident, theft, fire or other disasters, unless proven to be due to intentional or gross negligence.

Class Cancellation Policy:

You can cancel a booking on our site or via the LiveYoga School app up to 8 hours before a class. This is called early-cancel and you are free to have as many of those as you need.

You can also cancel a class less than 8 hours before but it’s regarded as a late-cancel and it will automatically involve a penalty of €7,50 automatically paid from your bank account or credit card.

A no-show to class that was booked (including a late-cancel of less than one hour before the class time) will automatically involve a penalty of €12,50 automatically paid from your bank account or credit card.