Morning DO-IN classes with Johanna

Tuesday mornings 7:30-8:30

This class is accessible with our normal class cards and memberships.

“Do-in kick-starts your day, awakens your body, makes you stronger and more balanced. It gets you ready to face the world energized, well founded, strong and calm.”

Do-in means let the energy flow in your body! Through a combination of breathing exercises, meridian stretches, Qi-exercises and self massage we stimulate and balance the energy flow in our body and help it regenerate and heal itself.

A bit of background

The idea of eastern medicine is that any physical problem or discomfort we have is related DO IN and QI KONG at liveYoga Amsterdamto a lack of balance and flow of the Qi (energy) in our bodies. If you wake up in the morning and don’t want to jump out of bed and start your day, but instead feel tired and heavy than your body didn’t regenerate properly during the night and you lack energy or it is stagnated. Instead of snoozing your alarm, get up, come to Live Yoga and do some Do-in with us.

The Do-in classes at liveyoga are being offered early in the morning, so they are accessible also for those with a tight schedule. Come and seize the day with us!

Johanna Gunther

Johanna Gunther liveYoga AmsterdamJohanna is a Shiatsu therapy student, a mother of two, an Architect and senior lecturer in architecture at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam.
From her own busy lifestyle and motherhood she learned how important it is to find moments to focus on your self and on your body, to regenerate and get out of your head and down to your inner self.

Johanna believes that finding ways to incorporate regenerating moments in our daily lives is both important and rewarding. She has been a Yoga student and Shiatsu enthusiast for many years and still uses both as good form of reality check for herself. She feels so inspired by these methods and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with her students.