Pilates and Lower Back Pain

By Stefania Petroula | LiveYoga Amsterdam

Most of us we all share the experience and the consequences of the nowadays demanding lifestyle. Bad posture habits such as sitting for a long time, fast paced rhythms and stress has made us to neglect our bodies and therefore, more and more people suffer during daily life from back pain. But is it possible Pilates help us to retrieve healthy and pain-free movement?

natalie pilates-amsterdam-oost-child-592

Fortunately, yes! At our LiveYoga shala in Amsterdam Oost we teach that Pilates can contribute with many ways to improve our movement and spine in order be relieved from pain. The basic principles of Pilates repertoire focuses on strengthening not only the superficial muscle groups but also the deeper muscles of posture. With Pilates we achieve lengthening of the body, decompression the spine, improving flexibility and balance, work in the proper alignment of our bone structure and most important, cultivating body awareness.

The “key” of Pilates method and the great difference of the traditional work- out is that as body-mind practice, apart from shaping and building up a beautiful body, makes people more aware of how they use their body in everyday life and helps to extinguish the bad postural habits and consequently get a better presence and quality of life.