Samadhi – Supreme Experience – video

samadhiAn artistic movie about yoga, was made in 1977 when Yogacharya B.K.S Iyengar was 59 years old. Following a short introduction are many shots of asana demonstrations by the master himself, and with different classes practicing variety of sequences; kids, teens, advance classes.

The movie includes shots of asanas from all asana groups, including advance balancing asanas and of all practice methods; with and without props/ropes work, individually and in Vinyasa. Through the different classes also different teaching and correcting methods are observed; demonstrations, explanations on the basic standing asanas, adjusting with body parts; hands and feet as in Urdhva muka svanasana on rope and Adho muka virasana, with props; weight as in Jathara parivartanasana.
Also included Vinyasa with transitions from Adho-Muka-Svanasana to Bakasana and a demonstrations of Sirsasana cycle with an advanced class.
It ends, as always, in relaxation.
The movie includes many chants as background music including the Invocation to Patanjali.