Iyengar Yoga at LiveYoga Amsterdam – Annemarijn’s experience

Every time a new member joins LiveYoga, the teacher asks whether or not the student has previous experience in yoga. The student often answers accordingly something like: ‘yes, I did ashtanga, kundalini, yin and power yoga in the past’. They feel they’re quite experienced and know the concept of yoga. But then when the student walks into the shala, sees all the various props, and gets to stand in Tadasana for the first time, you almost hear them thinking: ‘have I really practiced yoga before? it’s like I’m starting all over, like a toddler learning how to walk’. That is exactly what Iyengar yoga is. It teaches you how to stand erect, like you never knew you were able to.

chair virabadrasana warrior

“..that is exactly what Iyengar yoga is – It teaches you how to stand erect, like you never knew you were able to”

Your own inner laboratory

When I first came in to LiveYoga, I remember bending backwards over a chair. The release and freedom I felt, regaining the strength and ease from back when I was a child doing gymnastics, was just mind blowing. At LiveYoga, there is space and time to create your own inner laboratory working with your body and various yoga props, or even other students, helping you towards the release and freedom you deserve!

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