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My first yoga teacher used to say, that Yoga is acceptance of resistance. This sentence has come back to me for the last 12 years on different occasions. First of all within my yoga practice of course, accepting that my body doesn’t want to do the asana as perfect as my mind wanted it to be or feeling insecure about a pose that seems impossible.

Marlene-Smits_personal-storyBut being mindful and loving to your body and with some assistance and guidance of your yoga teacher and the help of some props like pillows, chairs and blocks, all of the sudden there is a shift. And you can do the impossible. I found that life is pretty much the same. The tiny difference is that we are often not mindful and loving enough to ourselves, forget to ask or be open to guidance and assistance and don’t always notice the props that we have access to that will make our experience easier, more mindful and even fun.

I found that mindfulness and meditations are the best props to help you through the resistance we feel in life, the fear, the anger, the sadness, the guilt, resentment and stress. When we are able to live yoga on the mat as well as off the mat, cultivate trust towards our bodies and our hearts and our abilities, learning to listen and be mindful of the signals we receive and knowing how to create space and silence at any time in any place, then we can accept the resistance we have to things, people and situations in life and live a happier and more balanced life.

Coming up workshops with Marlene at LiveYoga

Marlene Smits teachingIn October I will be hosting a 3 part Mindfulness & Meditation series that will give you easy and practical tools to deal with the things in life you feel resistance to. For more information and to sign up for these workshops click here.


Blessings to you!

Marlene teaches various Meditation workshops at LiveYoga. Please check the schedule for more information.


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