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My first class with Asaf was also my first asana class in the Iyengar yoga method. I practiced yoga before, at home, using books on Hatha yoga. Although I felt some of the benefits of Asana practice almost right away, a much more dominant benefit was felt only after starting practicing Iyengar yoga.

Tally EldorAlmost seven years ago I had a knee injury. Since then I learned to live with the occasional pain and swollen knee. On the first class with Asaf I finally learned what I’m doing wrong with my knee all this time (or since the injury, at least) and how to correct the posture, ease the pain and reduce the swelling.

Few weeks later, I did not have pain nor swelling of the knee. During the first few weeks I felt pain of muscles that I never knew I had. A month later following an almost daily practice there was no more pain. It felt so good. That was it. I was hooked.

What do I like about Iyengar yoga?

I like the precision of Iyengar yoga, the attention to details, the use of props (although I don’t use them all the time), the combination with Pranayama exercises, restorative asanas. To me, it just all works together very well.

prasarita padottanasana tally eldorI believe the practice can do good to everyone, each in their own way and level. I strongly recommend to try it. And if in the area of Amsterdam, I recommend Asaf as a teacher. There are more senior teachers than Asaf in the area of Amsterdam but one of the things I like about his classes is how he can make almost each class feels as if it was build for me. I work and relax, I learn through following the action instructions in combination with a bit of theory/anatomy explanations, demonstrations, and sometimes philosophy. I come out of the class relaxed and energetic. From every class I learn something.

Tally Eldor

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