Students write about Marlene Smits

Marlene teaches various Meditation workshops at LiveYoga. Students write about Marlene and her teachings.

Marlene Smits at Live Yoga Amsterdamby Seija Beth Kingston

I’d tried meditating on and off for many years. For me, just sitting still and stilling my mind I found impossible to do. That was until I found Marlene’s class. She uses movement, breath and sound to get to into a meditative state and no class is ever the same twice. Some meditations are so powerful I’ve literally walked out feeling like a new person. Whether you are new to meditation or experienced I can highly recommend Marlene’s meditation classes.

by Ilena Standring

Meditation (and yoga) classes with Marlene are never the same twice. From the chanting of Om three times to clear the space to the earthy grounding meditation practices from Hawai, to the fire fuelled Buddhist cleansing meditation, with a whole manner of practical every day tips on breath work and energy centres for you to adopt in your daily mindful living in between – the beauty of taking any class or course with Marlene is that you will learn a wide variety of meditation practices and can cherry pick the ones which resonate best with you.

It always amuses me when I hear someone say “I really want to learn how to meditate”(!) but in those cases I always am confident in recommending Marlene and her classes because even as someone who meditates now for a few years I always learn something new, and most importantly I always leave the class with a sense of peace and gratitude, and a renewed zest for my own meditation practice.


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