Yoga postures

Each month we focus on a particular yoga-pose. Here you’ll find an overview of them:

Yoga pose: Baddha Konasana

Atmanjali mudra in baddha konasana BKS Iyengar

A pose in which you sit on the floor with feet together, like Indian cobblers do. Regular practice of this asana has positive effects on the area around the abdomen, pelvis, and back.

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Yoga pose: Prasarita Padottanasana

Prasarita padottanasana Iyengar

A half inverted asana where the feet and head are on the floor. A good preparation for Sirsasana (head-stand) and as an alternative for people who can not do Sirsassana. Cools the body and brain and gives the feeling of tranquility and repose.

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Yoga pose: Supta Padangusthasana I & II

Supta padangustasna I by BKS Iyengar

A yoga pose where you're lying on the back, and hold the big toe or foot of one leg with the fingers or a belt. You stretch the other leg, and so improve blood circulation and flexibility of the legs.

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Yoga pose: Uttanasana - Video

Video still Uttanasana

Watch Geeta Iyengar (Mr. Iyengar’s daughter) teaching Uttanasna in a general yoga class.

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Yoga pose: Tadasana – Samasthiti


Tadasana is like the unchanging self at the center of all our fluctuations. It is the touchstone, the place of quiet at the center of a practice. The other poses all become variations. The key to envisioning this is in the name samasthiti: sama – same; sthiti – steadiness. According to senior Iyengar teacher Birjoo Mehta.

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Yoga pose: Virabhadrasana II - Video

Video virabhadrasana II

Watch Yoga Master BKS Iyengar teaching Virabhadrasana II.

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