Yoga sequences for self practice

Self practice is when we take the time on our mat, with ourselves, to practice yoga and explore our body and consciousness. Side by side to our yoga classes it is most valuable not only for consolidation of learned knowledge and personalization of it but also for experimentation. It is when thinking becomes feeling. An opportunity to be our own guides on the path of yoga and in this sense it connects our practice to our heart.

Practicing yoga at home

To encourage you on this path we bring you these wonderful yoga sequences (pdf) for self practice. A collection of sequences from different Iyengar schools around the world and for different levels.

Level 1 sequences

Drawing of level 1 yoga sequences

A set of four Level I sequences, including foundation poses from the Teacher-in-Training certification like Salamba Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) and a Basic standing sequence.

» Level 1 sequences

Level 2 sequences

Drawing of level 2 yoga sequences

A set of four level II sequences. These include poses from the Introductory certification such as Salamba Sirsasana (head stand) and a Grounding sequence.

» Level 2 sequences

Menstruation sequences

Drawing of menstruation yoga sequences

A set of 2 restorative sequences suitable for the physical condition during menstruation. Both for beginners and advance students.

» Menstruation sequences

A 20 min 'yoga fix' sequence

Drawing of 20 min fixed yoga sequences

20 minutes fixed practice for 'on the go' or short in time. The sequence include 10 asanas only and is designed to energise the body and calm the mind.

» A 20 min 'yoga fix' sequence

Restorative sequence - Iyengar Yoga

Restorative seq image

A restorative sequence in the Iyengar method includes 11 asanas and is designed to relax & renew the body and calm the mind.

» Restorative sequence