Retreat your body to a purifying diet

Mindful food plays a major role in anyone’s life who is thriving to live a mindful life. After the air we breathe and the water we drink, food is perhaps the most influential to our being.

Our food philosophy

When you treat yourself to a yoga retreat, you might want to think about your nutrition for that time. The yoga practice is stimulating a natural process of detoxing, both physical and emotional and we would like to offer you the nutritional support to that.

salad with greens, sprouts and cheese

The food we’ll serve you is both detoxing and nourishing.

The food we’ll serve you is both detoxing and nourishing; it is designed to give you the energy you need, but at the same time easy to digest to allow a sense of lightness and restoration during this practice time. The idea is that you not only learn about healthy eating but experience it on your self for these four days; we hope you will take some of it back home with you. Food at Yoga food nature yoga retreats with Asaf Hacmon & Galit HahnDuring the retreat you will have the opportunity to develop an observation and awareness to your eating habits and how does it effect you. After the morning practice, we will serve light and nourishing breakfast that will be based on fresh fruit in the spring and baked fruit and porridge in the autumn. Soon after we’ll serve lunch consisted mainly on raw food (a rich salad bar) and warm soup in the chilled autumn days. At the end of the day after our evening practice we will serve a warm cooked meal. Herbal teas will be available throughout the day. Food at Yoga, food & nature yoga retreats In some of our retreats, we have an ‘open kitchen’ where you are invited to take part in the food preparations and even visit the colorful, luscious markets of Europe. To really get the most out of our food program our recommendation is to avoid coffee, sugars and wheat during those days. It is completely up to you, of course, but we can promise you it will not be difficult as the menu will be rich and satisfying.