The Yoga program on our yoga retreats

During Yoga, Food & Nature retreats there are two yoga classes each day – a morning active asana class and an evening restorative asana and pranayama class. The practice is suitable for all levels. There will be evening talks on various topics.

Our Yoga program is wonderfully balanced and consists of both dynamic and challenging practice and deeper restorative work. In the program are 2 daily classes including Asana, Pranayama and Meditation taught in a gradual manner so we can go deeper with it both physically and mentally.

Morning Yoga program

Each morning there will be a long yoga class that will focus on different themes:

  • On the first day we’ll learn and practice Sun Salutations. This old and powerful sequence of poses is a wonderful and effective way to prepare the body and mind for deeper work.
  • On the second day we’ll focus on standing poses that are the foundation of stability and stillness in yoga – they teach us mobility, stability, and balance.
  • On the third day we’ll work on inverted poses and forward bends – a practice that leads to coolness of mind, inner calm and emotional stability.
  • On the forth day we’ll focus on back bends – a liberating practice that leads to heart-opening and builds courage and inner strength.

Evening Yoga program

People meditating next to a river.

Our Yoga Program aims to balance between dynamic and restorative practice

Our evening classes are 2 hours long and are restorative in nature and explore the deeper, more introspective side of yoga practice. We’ll learn the foundation of yogic breathing and experience different Pranayama techniques. Perhaps most importantly, we’ll learn how to prepare the body and mind for meditation and we’ll end each day’s practice with silent meditation.