Testimonials from our yoga retreats

“Dear all of you, For one of my best time in my life I had spent with you guys, I’d like to thank you all. Warm regards from Melbourne Australia,”Julia

‘‘I just arrived home after a week of rafting, hiking, singing and standing on my head doing all kind of positions which I did not hold for possible anymore. I just made a juice from pepper, apple and kiwi. I had a great time and liked the mix of fun, serious training and meeting new people.”Namaste, Jelle

Join us this spring “After the first flush of overwhelming excitement about everything that we have experienced during the week of the retreat, i want to share with you that I have felt like I have come back home from a very distant other realm, entered my life again and with totally new consciousness looked at my life with an incredible amazement. Nothing feels the same….like if I was someone else. I want to thank you all that in your special way contributed to this wonderful fact!!” Julija

“I have been home for two days now and have been trying to incorporate Galit’s lessons to my food. When I came home Monday evening I straight away made a roasted tomato and caramelized onion soup! Thanks all, it was a great week!” Mirjam

“Addicted to all kinds of juices now,… Watermelon with fresh mint, also really nice. Your banana with nuts is kids fav. On my way to yoga now,… Thank you and see you,” Anoek

8 thoughts on “Testimonials from our yoga retreats

  1. A true re-treat and re-charge: nice environment, good company, great food and fantastic yoga lessons. Asaf is – beside of a skilled Iyengar teacher – a master of building up and slowing down energy and concentration, and Galit provides the splendid “fuel” for this experience! Thank you both!

  2. Thank you Asaf & Galit for making the yogaretreat in The Ardennes so special and valuable for all of us. We feel we learned a lot from this new experience, half of it is hard to describe by words, but we still feel it echoing inside. Namasté!

  3. I woke up this morning and missed my room mate, my morning yoga and my breakfast !!! Thank you again both for a lovely few days. Love, Helen. XX.

  4. Dear Galit and Asaf, You both have a wonderful gift; Asaf, you have the gift to teach yoga, with love. Galit, you have the gift to cook delicious and pure food, with love. Thank you, both of you, for sharing your knowledge with me. With love, Marjolijne

  5. All aspects from this retreat were moving, beyond pureness and dedication.
    This was a true healing, warming, relaxing and reinforcing experience for me.
    Thank you all and lots of love, Nienke

  6. I will carry this journey of body, mind and spirit forever with me in my heart. It is as a new beginning, as an enrichment. as gift to yourself.
    Thank you Galit and Asaf. Beautiful people. Namaste, Femke

  7. Dear beautiful people,
    Galit, Tanja & Asaf

    Thank you all for a great journey.
    A truly wonderful experience…

    It nourished every part of my mind, body and soul…

    Peace & love, namasté…

  8. As a total beginner at yoga I can truly say that this retreat was a life changing experience. Not just the yoga (although a very important part of course) but also all the personal insights, the chemistry in the group and the loving care of Asaf & Tanya (and Nina!!!) made this an unforgettable experience in a beautiful setting @ Quinta Mimosa! Is WAS only tissue, and I’m so glad I did it all, and learned so much! Thanks a million! Love, Pitta

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